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Mayor’s Message

Thirty-eight years ago, when I moved to Metuchen with my wife, Mary Anne, we were attracted to the Downtown; the canopy of shade trees which sheltered and provided shade for its streets and the many recreation facilities – especially the pool. Of course, as teachers, we knew about the wonderful school system. Metuchen offered us a place to start a family and still be able to commute to work. As the years progressed, we had three daughters, and while my location of employment changed a few times, what never changed was the very conscious choice my wife and I made to stay here in Metuchen.

It was the best place to raise and educate our family. How wonderful that all that was special and new to us then is still special, vibrant and important now.

Metuchen, always easily accessible for commuters working in “The City,” Philadelphia, or “The Shore,” became even more user friendly with the improvements made to the train station. Commuters either live here or share in the ambiance of our unique downtown.

Freedom Plaza

Our Downtown is bustling and there are plans for it to expand and prosper. As Mayor, I will assist the Chamber of Commerce in supporting the Main Street and overseeing the connection to the new Renaissance Development. I see a vibrant Downtown with people shopping, relaxing and meeting with other community members while enjoying some music, art or refreshment at the grand town center, built as the focal point of our town.

Our recreation facilities continue to burgeon as well. We have received numerous grants to continue improvements in our parks. In fact, in the last few years Metuchen has received grants totaling $2.7 million, which have raised the excellence of Myrtle, Vidas and Hampton parks. In recent years, the pool commission has completed improvements, making that original enticement for my family into an even grander facility. We get to enjoy a break from the summer heat as well as watching our children compete in aquatic events. The Metuchen portion of the Middlesex County Greenway is nearly completed adding a valued lineal park for walkers, joggers and bicyclists.

Thomas Vahalla

Metuchen is a community serviced by hundreds of volunteers – community members who clean parks on Earth Day, fight fires, provide public safety or emergency assistance, direct traffic at various religious events, guide our senior programs and provide pumpkins with candles for those excited children, who know that Halloween can only begin with a family treat.

Metuchen is for families. I knew it 38 years ago when I first moved here. My three daughters were all raised here, and joyfully when my granddaughter walks with “Granpy the Mayor,” we help to oversee and plan for all that keeps our community strong and vibrant.

Thomas Vahalla

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