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An ideal American small town is thriving in the borough of Metuchen. Neighborhoods are filled with historic homes, while the irresistible bargains and tasty treats are waiting downtown. The friendly, welcoming spirit and the atmosphere translate into a remarkable environment enjoyed by both residents and visitors. Metuchen affords residents major metropolitan resources while still having true community harmony.

Receiving the best personalized service in Metuchen is easy for residents as they get to know their local merchants. Both smaller, local business and larger corporations thrive in the area, taking advantage of the wide scope of economic amenities and incentives offered. All of this has created a formidable economic vitality, which has contributed greatly to Metuchen’s steady growth. Tree-lined streets and an abundance of annual events bring members of the community together. Major transportation options allow for easy access in and out of the area, while train service to New York City makes traveling convenient and efficient.

With over 13,500 residents, Metuchen maintains a preserved historic character. Since its establishment in the 1700s, the borough offers a distinctive stable lifestyle and top-notch amenities to residents and visitors to remain a lively place.

Community Introduction

Members of a sub tribe of the Lenni Lenape, or Delaware Indians, are seen as the original inhabitants of the area now known as Metuchen. The first Europeans did not arrive until 1665, much later, under the leadership of Lord Carteret. Lord Carteret traveled to New England, in order to promote development of the area, and promised generous land grants to those who relocated south. Eventually, the area was settled receiving its name from the Indian Chief Metuching, who lived between 1630 and 1700.

The area remained a small farming village into the early 19th century. The completion of the New Jersey Railroad stimulated commercial development and the area steadily grew. By 1870, Metuchen had developed into a hub of commerce and culture. Everything from churches, businesses to schools; even literary and debating societies were established. By the end of the decade, commerce had grown to such an extent that 91 businesses were listed in the New Brunswick Directory.

Metuchen, incorporated as a borough in 1900, progressed with technology and industry in the following years. Often referred to as “The Brainy Borough,” due to the substantial concentration of professionals, artists, educators and literary figures (now even a former Governor) that have lived in the area, Metuchen stands as a town of cultural and social development.

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