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Foodies unite! Eating out in Ocean City is something to behold. We have restaurants, cafés, burger joints, pizzerias, sandwich shops, ice cream parlors, even a creperie – an assortment to please any palate out there.

Though many restaurants here take a casual approach to dining, the food is still of the fine dining caliber. From freshly caught seafood, to delicate pastas, to Hawaiian fare, the quality of Ocean City’s offerings is outstanding and sure to tempt you back more than once.

On and around Asbury Avenue, you’ll find homemade chocolates, cookies, donuts, Italian pastry, and freshly brewed coffees. If you are still hungry for breakfast, lunch or dinner after dessert, a huge assortment of restaurants awaits. The food is freshly made and fabulous.

The smell of yummy deliciousness hits you before you even step foot on any of the wooden planks that make up the Boardwalk. Is it funnel cake or French fries? Pizza or popcorn? Maybe it’s the freshly baked rolls for the sandwich shops or the freshly baked coconut macaroons.

Boardwalk noshing is supremely decadent and delicious no matter what you pick. Mostly all the eateries offer comfortable table service and pleasant servers to bring you what you ordered. The Boards also offer healthy foods such as fresh fruit smoothies and grilled chicken and rice, but if it’s double swirl custard or crinkle-cut fries you’re longing for, you’ve definitely headed to the right place.

A tour of the island will uncover several cool joints – be they burger, pizza, ice cream, breakfast, lunch or dinner. Ocean City is synonymous with delicious bites, both sinful and nutritious. Dig in.

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