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The three-town area served by the Suburban Chamber of Commerce contains all types of housing, both private and public. Single-family homes, multi-family buildings, condominiums, and apartment complexes comprise the bulk of the housing. Public housing for both families and senior citizens is located in Summit, and housing for the elderly can be found in both New Providence and Berkeley Heights.


Summit is a city with a diverse population and a varied housing stock. Grand, unique homes grace spacious lots, more modest housing in close-knit neighborhoods is available, and apartment complexes and condominiums are plentiful. The local Housing Authority manages three award-winning public housing developments, two for families and one 125-unit complex for senior citizens.

Although most of the homes in New Providence and Berkeley Heights are single-family dwellings, there are a number of condominium developments and apartment complexes in these towns.


While housing costs are generally high, home styles in all three communities are diverse and include everything from Tudors to split-levels, two-story colonials to modern custom-designed houses, and two-family dwellings to cape cods. Those looking for a home can find everything from Revolutionary-era houses to unique contemporaries as well as everything in between.

Most of the area is fully developed, with little space left for new housing. Ample parkland and state-of-the-art playgrounds abound in the three communities, and the playgrounds are generally well used due to the influx of younger families with children.

The three communities of Summit, New Providence, and Berkeley Heights are similar with respect to their suburban “feel,” excellent schools and recreational facilities, good housing stock and tree-lined streets, and strong local governments. They are different in that Summit, the largest of the three municipalities, has a more diverse population, a larger downtown, and better transportation services. But taken all together, the entire area is a great place to live, work, shop, and do business!

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