When it comes to receiving the best healthcare, Westfield residents are already at a great advantage because of their proximity to the wealth of New York metropolitan area hospitals and specialists. However, with several nationally recognized healthcare centers in the immediate area, there is little need to make that far of a drive. The road to health is not far from Westfield.

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Children’s Specialized Hospital is the largest pediatric rehabilitation hospital in the United States, offering developmental, educational and rehabilitative services for infants through young adults. The hospital has striven for 110 years to understand the unique medical, physical, cognitive, psychosocial, educational, and emotional needs of children at each stage of their lives, and provide expert care in order to meet those needs. Children’s Specialized Hospital has programs for children with burns, brain injuries, respiratory and spinal cord dysfunction, learning and speech disabilities, and many more. Their programs focus on early intervention, neuro-rehabilitation, nutritional services, recreational therapy, and psychological services, among many others. The hospital even has special programs like summer camps and daycare. The fragile future of children with special needs is in good hands at Children’s Specialized Hospital.

For emergency situations, the Westfield Volunteer Rescue Squad is at the service of residents of Westfield and the surrounding areas. These emergency workers are so dedicated to saving lives that they provide free emergency medical services to thousands of people each year.

An abundance of top-notch healthcare resources means that Westfield residents are in good hands when the unexpected or expected emergencies of life occur.

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