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Alamogordo Public Schools

Welcome to Alamogordo Public Schools! In our district, our motto is “Learning is our Legacy.” We are learning organization where all of us, from students to teachers, to principals, to central office staff, to the Superintendent, and to our parents, are engaged in the most important enterprise there is – EDUCATION.

Our teachers, principals and staff are committed to providing the highest quality educational experiences for our students as is possible. Teachers and schools cannot educate in a vacuum. It has to be a joint partnership to work together to ensure our students’ success.


A quality education is a solution to most of the problems we face as individuals, states and nation. While the school district certainly needs the support of our policy makers, business, and the community to do an effective job, we know that parents will always be the most important teacher a child has.

We are serious about building Alamogordo Public Schools into the premiere school district in New Mexico. With the leadership of our outstanding Board of Education, our administrative leadership, our excellent teachers, and a very competent staff, in partnership with our parents and community, we are confident we will make this a reality. Our goal is to bring the public back in Public Education.

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