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Albuquerque has a national and international reputation as a center for the incubation, development and growth of high-tech businesses. In fact, Albuquerque has been ranked one of the top ten tech centers of the nation by Newsweek Magazine, and was ranked first in the nation for high-tech real output growth by the prestigious Milken Institute.

Many innovative and cutting-edge technology firms have headquarters or facilities in the Albuquerque area, including Intel, Philips Semiconductors, LightPath Technologies, SP Pharmaceuticals, ProLaw Software, BF Goodrich Aerospace and many others. One relatively recent addition to the Albuquerque industrial sector is Eclipse Aviation, which is currently developing a state-of-the-art "air limousine" expected to go into production in just a few years.

High tech employment grew an astounding 41 percent between 1990 and 1998, and continues to grow each year. But high-tech isn't the only business success story in Albuquerque. Albuquerque is also home to several telephone call centers, including Victoria's Secret, MCI, USWest and Citibank, and a branch of the Gap Corporation's corporate headquarters opened in Albuquerque in 2001.

Albuquerque is also home to a thriving retail and hospitality industry, and has received national recognition as one of the top five states for Hispanic-owned businesses. Businesses in Albuquerque enjoy and benefit from the city's cultural diversity, friendly atmosphere and longtime commitment to fostering business growth.


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