graphicLas Vegas has a radius labor drawing area of 50 miles, with San Miguel County supplying a labor force numbering 11,764. Major industries in San Miguel County include Managerial/Professional at 28.3%, Tech./Sales/Administrative Support at 19.3%, Service Occupations 19.4%, Farming/Fishing/Forestry 3.2%, Precision/Craft/Repair 9.4%, and Operator/Fabricator/Laborers at 10.8%.

There are several options available to those needing business support in Las Vegas or San Miguel County. The Las Vegas/San Miguel Chamber of Commerce promotes economic development and the commercial, civic, and general interests of San Miguel County.

The organization also operates the Las Vegas Visitors Center and in 1998 interacted with 74,409 relocations and visitor inquiries. Call 505/454-8631. The City of Las Vegas has a Community Development office to assist local businesses. Contact Elmer Martinez at 505/454-1401. Available from Luna Community College is assistance from the Small Business Development Center. The SBDC program is part of a unique, statewide approach to delivering free counseling, training, and resource material to the small business community. Contact Don Bustos, Director at 505/454-2582.


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