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Shopping in Lea County is like shopping in small-town America. Its unique specialty shops, the experience of having true customer service and the attitude of “we care about serving you” is still found in almost all the shops here. A mixture of the big boxes and department stores providing all the national brands makes shopping in the five cities of Lea County truly a great buying experience.

Lea County is the perfect place to buy western wear, including boots, hats, jeans, jackets, handcrafted jewelry and dressy clothing with a western flair. The upscale fashions can be found in shops throughout the county, along with a mix of the classic dress for all ages. Many of the shops carry unique and specialized merchandise for that special customer, so if you can’t find it in the big boxes, check out our smaller businesses.

As one might expect in New Mexico, Lea County is famous for their Tex-Mex cuisine, being only four miles from the Texas border. Being true to its Mexican culture, there are several fine traditional Mexican restaurants dotted throughout the five cities. Nevertheless, residents and guests alike will enjoy the many tastes of all cultures. From famous Mexican to the specialties of Chinese cooking, there is a dining experience for every taste.

Whether dining in one of Lea County’s “mom & pop” diners or one of the nationally branded restaurants, eating is still one of America’s great pastimes. You will find a menu and price range to meet any situation or budget. Plus, because you’re in the “oil fields,” the portions are normally larger and cooked to your taste. From the morning coffee at Starbucks to that late meal at IHOP, you will find dining in Lea County to be both a friendly and welcome experience.

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