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A relaxed and welcoming environment is the hallmark of residential living in Taos. Many families have been in the area for multiple generations, a testament to Taos's remarkable quality of life. With its small town friendliness, clear air and water, emphasis on sustainability and access to excellent healthcare and education, it's no wonder so many visitors become lifelong residents.

With abundant land for both residential and commercial use, building costs compare favorably to median costs throughout the southwest. Many contractors use the latest energy-saving technologies to preserve the sanctity of the environment and to limit waste of valuable resources. Adobe construction most noticeably typifies housing in Taos County though other environmentally friendly techniques such as rastra panels are coming into play along with traditional touches including vigas, latillas, tin work and wrought iron accents.

Most landscaping or xeriscaping as it's called — is designed to accommodate life in the high desert climate. Established neighborhoods are likely to have acequias — irrigation canals typical in the Southwest — and neighborhood associations act on behalf of residents to ensure high levels of service and public safety.

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