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It is no surprise that over 100 businesses call the village of Victor home and nearly that many manufacturers and industrial based businesses are located throughout the town of Victor. Add to this the numerous retail and service related businesses in the town and you’ll find that Victor is a growing, business friendly community.

High tech companies and manufacturers recognize that Victor has an established manufacturing base that helps them get a quality product to the customer quickly. As the fastest growing community in New York (based on recent census figures) employers find Victor has the educated and capable workforce necessary to help their companies grow.

Businesses also benefit from Victor’s location, with easy access to major roadways like the New York State Thruway and Route 490, while nearby Rochester International Airport provides air service. Rail service for materials and products is also available.

Ontario County Industrial Development Agency

Existing infrastructure and local expertise adds up to a wide range of electronic network offerings for all your e-commerce needs.

The Ontario County Industrial Development Agency helps many businesses find locations in one of our six office and business parks and offers a package of benefits and incentives, such as tax abatements, to make the move to Victor even smoother. Lower real estate taxes coupled with the county’s lower sales tax add up to savings for businesses and customers alike.

REDCOM Laboratories

Well-known companies such as Kodak have auxiliary operations here, while home grown companies such as Newtex Industries, REDCOM Laboratories, Burleigh Instruments and Gorbel Manufacturing came to Victor in their infancy and have grown into industry leaders with an international customer base.

The business development and growth outlook continues to be very good, since the community is home to a broad range of high-tech, manufacturing, assembly and service related businesses. Quality of life and the matrix of resources available makes Victor an attractive and cost effective home to business.

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