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Whether you are interested in setting up a web site with just a few pages or placing an entire catalogue on-line, Victor has the e-business experts and the electronic infrastructure to back you up.


Companies like understand the needs of businesses and can make emerging technologies work for you by helping you establish or improve your presence on the web, manage information or upgrade systems. has become a leader in information technology and e-commerce, partnering with Oracle, Microsoft and other industry leaders. Several local companies, such as, offer web site design and hosting services.

Other local companies like Integrated Systems have made a name for themselves by designing and establishing computer networks that work for local and national companies, while additional local businesses specialize in the infrastructure and wiring that makes your in-house system run. Finger Lakes Technologies Group offers a whole range of e-solutions from network design to cell phone and pager service. Businesses specializing in software development round out the e-savvy side of Victor.

If you’re a resident just interested in tapping into the Internet, or if you’re a business desiring to open up new markets and improve web based customer service, Victor has the infrastructure and industry specialists to make your vision a reality.

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