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Healthcare in Victor

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Victor benefits from its central location between major hospitals such as F.F. Thompson, Strong Memorial, Rochester General and Clifton Springs.

Thanks to the generous donation of Mary Clark Thompson nearly 100 years ago, what began as a community hospital has grown into Thompson Health, an integrated healthcare system that offers a wide range of care options and specialties to meet the needs of the community. A staff of over 250 physicians, 400 community volunteers and 1,200 associates make sure that thorough, quality care is the standard for everyone.

Located just a few miles away in Canandaigua, F.F. Thompson Hospital offers 113 acute care beds, supplemented by the adjoining F.F. Thompson Continuing Care Center, which has 188 beds. Numerous specialists are available to meet patient needs including ob/gyn, cardiology, internists, oncologists and others. Patient care services include inpatient, outpatient, surgical, diagnostic, palliative care and rehabilitation.


There’s no need to make the trip to Canandaigua for routine checkups. Locally, Victor has several practices, including F.F. Thompson Family Practice, along with their qualified medical and office personnel. F.F. Thompson Family Practice also has an office in nearby Farmington.

In addition, Victor Health Associates provide board certified care in internal medicine and pediatrics.

Other health related services are well represented in Victor, including dental, orthodontia, chiropractic, optometry, and massage therapy offices.

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