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Economic Development

With a new emphasis on economic development, Alexander County’s pro-business leadership has the county ready and poised for growth.


Located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Alexander’s major transportation corridors, U.S. Highway 64, North Carolina 90, and North Carolina 127 put most areas of the county within 15-20 minutes of Interstates 40 and 77.

The John Locke Foundation report “By the Numbers 2005” lists the county as having the lowest combined property tax burden in the state, and, according to the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners, the county had the 14th lowest 2005-06 property tax rate.

Low taxes, affordable land and buildings, and a ready and willing workforce make Alexander County an attractive location for new industry and business.

The public school system consists of 10 facilities, all of which have seen new construction in recent years. More than $25 million has been spent recently on school construction. At a total cost of $1.6 million, Alexander County has the only satellite site for Catawba Valley Community College.

Manufacturing employs 47 percent of the workforce, with companies providing stable, quality employment. Agribusiness is also important in the county economy, with farm income estimated at $97 million.

Alexander County offers residents a chance to work in high-growth industrial and commercial areas while living in crime-free and traffic-free communities.

Facts & Figures

* Alexander County has an area of 259 square miles or 166,611 acres. The county seat of Taylorsville has an area of two square miles.

* The elevation of Alexander County ranges from 1,000 feet in the southeast to over 2,500 feet in the northwest.

* The 2004 estimated population of Alexander County was 35,727, comprising approximately 14,213 households. The county seat of Taylorsville has a population of 1,903.

* Average annual rainfall in Alexander County is 57 inches, with an average snowfall of eight inches. Temperatures range from an average of 38 degrees in January to an average of 76 in July. The Brushy Mountains protect the county from cold winter winds.

* The 2006 tax rate for Alexander County was 0.51 per $100 evaluation while the town of Taylorsville had a rate of 0.37 per $100 evaluation. All county taxes are due September 1 of each year. A penalty of two percent is added January 6 of each year.

* Eighty percent of the population of Alexander County lives in owner-occupied housing, according to the 2000 census. Rental housing is also available.

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