Archdale-Trinity Chamber of Commerce


Archdale-Trinity has some of the best schools in the area. The Archdale-Trinity Supplemental Tax District provides funds for quality education and incentives to recruit and retain excellent teachers in the tax district. The schools continue to improve and provide excellent opportunity for students.

Trinity High School, located in the northwestern tip of the area, is off N.C. 62. The five elementary schools — Hopewell, John Lawrence, Trindale, Trinity, and Archdale — along with Braxton Craven, the only sixth grade school in the system, feed students to Archdale-Trinity Middle School. The schools continue to score extremely well on the ABC Performance and are recognized for having great leadership, with a strong emphasis on providing the best education for their students.

Trinity High School has a strong emphasis on athletics, but scored top honors in the county with 78.8 percent ABC Performance, making it a School of Progress with High Growth. Trindale Elementary, along with John Lawrence and Braxton Craven, earned a School of Excellence Award. Archdale Elementary, Trinity Elementary, Hopewell Elementary and Archdale-Trinity Middle School were all recognized as Schools of Distinction.

Braxton Craven is one of a limited number of North Carolina public schools to house only sixth graders, while Hopewell Elementary has established the only childcare program for the children of staff members. Emphasis is placed on parental involvement and communication is encouraged between parents and teachers through conferences, school activities and newsletters.

Local residents strongly and enthusiastically support their schools and this community has created an educational system of which parents, teachers and students can be proud.


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