Archdale-Trinity Chamber of Commerce

Economic Development

Located along the strategic I-85 corridor, both Archdale and Trinity are poised for growth. Both communities have a strong sense of smart development, and have the policies in place to support it.

New school construction, highway improvements and water and sewer upgrades are laying a solid foundation for business and industry growth, and the communities’ locations along the Interstate have proven a boon for the hotel industry in the area. Seven hotels, motels and a bed and breakfast are thriving, and Interstate 74 (currently under construction) will bring visitors.

Randolph County, located conveniently in the middle of North Carolina, is the perfect place to make a business investment. The county has seen more than $1 billion in new industrial development since 1985. Because Randolph County has one of the lowest tax rates in North Carolina and an available, skilled workforce, the Archdale-Trinity area is positioned to welcome and nurture new industry. The construction of the Randleman Reservoir will ensure an ample water supply for the future. The idea that North Carolina “is a good place to do business” has been confirmed by Site Selection magazine, which ranks North Carolina as the top place to locate a business.

Retail and hospitality-based jobs are steadily rising. New restaurants, motels and retail stores have located in the area within the last three years with more in the forecast. Numerous banks, insurance companies, personnel agencies and financial planners represent the service sector.


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