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The religious denominations in Burke County reflect the earliest patterns of settlement in the area. German settlers brought their Lutheran faith with them as the Scotch-Irish brought the Presbyterian faith. Methodism arrived after the Revolution, followed shortly by the Baptist Church. Episcopal missionaries were active in the county prior to the Civil War. According to Burke County historian Dr. Edward Phifer, Jr., the first black church was active in Morganton around 1872.

Historically, Burke County is famous for its Waldensian community, which consists of Italian Protestants who came to Valdese in the late 19th century. Their faith was interwoven into the fabric of their daily lives. Worship in a religious community is no less a priority in the Burke County of today. In an effort to promote unity among local denominations, Pastor George Logan of the New Day Christian Church joined with four other churches to meet under one roof as “The Church.” Once each quarter they join together for worship in the city auditorium. Service to the elderly and the infirm as well as a prison ministry are among the activities of Burke’s faith community.

Denominations listing and contact information for nearly 200 houses of worship can be found at the Chamber of Commerce website

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