graphicIt is with a sense of excitement and pride that I welcome you to Catawba County, North Carolina. My excitement is about the bright economic future that promises prosperity and growth for Catawba County’s businesses and respective employees.

My pride is due to an economic and civic heritage that has made and continues to make this area one of America’s best places to live and work. This is the community I welcome you to and encourage you to assume a role or place that meets your needs and interests.

Please take the time to carefully review the story that unfolds between the front and back covers of this Membership Directory and Buyers’ Guide. The businesses and individuals who populate the directory’s pages are anxious to do business with you and put the county’s "best foot forward." The business story they will share is a tapestry of interwoven images . . . America’s premier region for the production and sale of high quality furniture . . . Our nation’s top producer of fiber optic and coaxial cable . . . An A-number one entrepreneurial environment for small business operation and start-up . . . One of the country’s top mid-major financial marketplaces . . . and a public-private sector partnership that makes the above story possible.

The true secret to Catawba County’s success is her people.

Our community is a place that warmly welcomes newcomers and makes you want to stay here for a lifetime. Most people who come here end up doing just that - becoming permanent residents. Once you experience everything that Catawba County has to offer, I bet that you will add your name to that lifelong resident’s list. Again, I welcome you and am pleased you are here.



Bryan S. Derreberry
President & CEO
Catawba County Chamber of Commerce


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