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Triad Care

Remember the days when doctors made home visits, and kindly explained the lifestyle choices needed to fix the problem instead of just prescribing an expensive pill? Remember the saying, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? Triad Care does! Triad Care is founded on two principles: individual health and vitality is one’s most valuable asset, and maintaining optimum health and wellness is good business. Triad Care’s goal is to increase wellness for company employees by coaching each person to improve health. This optimization of professional care and wellness of individuals equals a reduction in insurance-related costs, which is simply good business.

Triad Care’s program is based on the successful and award winning Asheville Project of 1996. This evaluation showed that employers could empower employees to manage their chronic disease, improve their overall health and decrease healthcare costs. This project also showed that in addition to saving money on premiums, companies could save on overtime costs by reducing absenteeism due to illness and doctors’ visits. Increased productivity of healthier employees could also increase profits.

Triad Care works individually with companies to provide a health care program that is affordable and meets the practical needs of the each company with no “cookie cutter” choices. Programs can be designed to meet the growing needs of the company over several years. Individual, personal and one-on-one visits are managed by Triad Care, allowing the company’s staff to continue their own work. Companies working with Triad Care can expect to increase their profits through decreases in health care premiums, reduced absenteeism and increased productivity of healthier employees.

One specific way Triad Care can save companies money is by sitting down with employees and a certified pharmacist who is specifically trained to understand the specific risks and benefits of each medication, and how they interact with each other.

The benefits to employees include incentive programs, improved quality of life and personalized support. Since you can’t treat what you can’t see, many people struggle with hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol and don’t even know it. Biometric screens and health risk assessments provide valuable information to the patients. On-site chronic disease management provides accountability, education and advocacy for the employee. Triad Care does not eliminate the need for a personal physician, but works with the employee’s physician, providing lab work and information they might not otherwise get. Employees save money by not having to take time off to go to the doctor for chronic disease management. Employees that don’t have a chronic disease can participate in wellness programs that helps insure they stay healthy and meet their personal health goals.

While Chronic Disease management and Employee Wellness programs are the heart of what Triad Care does, they also understand the impact acute illnesses have on companies. Many companies can not afford the space or manpower for an on-site clinic. Triad Care’s mobile clinic can reduce over utilization of health care services, and save money on overtime costs by reducing the time employees are out for doctor visits. Triad Care’s mobile unit can be scheduled for on-site clinic hours.

In this economy, businesses need to get ahead of the curve and maximize any advantage they can. See how Triad Care can give your company an advantage by decreasing our health care costs and increasing the productivity of your staff. •

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