Knightdale Chamber of Commerce

A location that can’t be beat!

Knightdale is an attractive, thriving community. It is a destination all its own with the easygoing qualities of a small town and a superb quality of life that welcomes newcomers and visitors alike. Citizens enjoy the comfort and security of living within a small community but yet are able to take advantage of the benefits of living close to the major metropolitan Triangle area.

Knightdale is located on the eastern side of Wake County in central North Carolina, part of what is known locally as the “Triangle Region.” Located just six miles east of downtown Raleigh, the Capital City, the current corporate limits of the town contain 4.54 square miles or 2,875 acres. Ultimately, Knightdale is scheduled to become a Town of 31.49 square miles or 20,156 acres when current plans incorporate our outlying jurisdictions. The town is near to major intrastate corridors connecting us to Rocky Mount and I-95 northbound, points east as well as to Raleigh, Cary, Research Triangle Park and other points west. U.S. 264 connects Knightdale to southeastern North Carolina and places like Wilson, I-95 southbound and Greenville. The lovely and scenic North Carolina mountains are located just three hours by car to the west and the beautiful North Carolina coast is just two hours by car to the east.


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