Knightdale Chamber of Commerce

Location and Transportation

When the US Hwy. 64 Bypass was opened in the summer of 2005 the quality of life in Knightdale profoundly improved. No longer is the business highway through town jammed with interstate traffic looking to bypass Knightdale. The Bypass provides an alternative for travelers who might have other destinations in mind. What is left now is Knightdale Boulevard. This tree-lined urban boulevard has easily identifiable business addresses and access made simple by the reduced traffic volume. Now driving through Knightdale is easy and the vehicles that are here are here to do business, not just passing through.

If you wanted to leave Knightdale you have convenient access to the new I540 Outer Loop. This Eastern Wake Expressway provides a wide open route to north Raleigh and points west like Research Triangle Park and the Raleigh-Durham International Airport. Before when Knightdale commuters were destined to hit traffic congestion and gridlock on I40 or I440, the journey seemed stress-filled. Today, we are a mere 15 minutes from RTP and 20 minutes from RDU. But more importantly, it has created a new front door for our community. A door that is wide open to developers, commercial investors and potential new residents. As travelers exit I540 and enter Knightdale, they are greeted with signs of growth and prosperity.


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