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Economic Development

Being strategically located just east of Raleigh and the Neuse River, the Town of Knightdale is in a position to continue its unprecedented growth and development. According to the Office of State Planning, Knightdale was the 13th fastest growing municipality in North Carolina from 1990 to 2000. The Town’s annual growth rate since 1990 is just below 10%, giving Knightdale a current resident population estimated at 7,840. The 2000 Census reports the median family income at $62,073 and the median age at 31 years.

Knightdale’s current planning jurisdiction totals 9.56-square miles, which have been proactively zoned by the Town for industrial, commercial, residential and mixed-use development. More than half of this area is identified as vacant, leaving tremendous growth opportunities for Knightdale’s future.

Public infrastructure improvements within Knightdale, coupled with a low tax rate continue to make Knightdale an attractive place for new residents and businesses. The North Carolina Department of Transportation has dramatically improved the Town’s access to the rest of the Triangle with the additions of two controlled access highways, US Highway 64 Bypass and I540.

These new roads connect Knightdale to Research Triangle Park via 25-miles of expressway and open up undeveloped areas to increased visibility and traffic. Additionally, significant investment in its water and sewer infrastructure and the merger with City of Raleigh Public Utilities will ensure that the newly accessible areas can accommodate future growth by providing the necessary water distribution and wastewater collection systems.

Continued quality development is the top priority for the Town of Knightdale. The Town has undergone a comprehensive re-write of its Unified Development Ordinance, which has streamlined the development process for potential developers of property while ensuring that projects meet a minimum operating and aesthetic standard.

The new zoning and subdivision regulations allow for higher density projects and more creative development opportunities to build upon the 500,000-plus square feet of commercial space and 1,500 residential units that were recently approved.

The Town has a current operating budget of approximately $7 million and a capital improvement budget of $1.43 million. Additionally, the Town’s long-term debt is less than one percent of its assessed tax base valuation. Knightdale is in position with its solid growth, financial health and economic development strategy to become one of Wake County’s best locations for residential, commercial and industrial development.


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