graphicThe Barberton-South Summit region compares well to national housing averages. According to the 1999 American Housing Survey, 84 percent of single-family homes in suburban locations offer a porch/deck/balcony/patio, 38 percent have a useable fireplace, 46 percent have a separate dining room, 16 percent were built with two or more living/recreation rooms, and 76 percent attach the garage or carport. Across Ohio, 67.4 percent of residents own their home. (The 2000 Census figures reveal that in the Cleveland metropolitan area, which greatly influences our residents’ lifestyles, homeownership reaches an even higher 72 percent.)

graphicOur local Realtors have no trouble meeting these qualifications in a range of home styles and price points. We also present a well-rounded choice of existing homes or new neighborhood custom-home construction, usually side by side. Employers’ wages easily make any of these houses affordable.

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