graphicDoylestown puts its pride in its heritage front and center. The Doughboy statue erected in the town square on Armistice Day in 1920 to honor World War I veterans has become the village’s symbol. Approximately 3,000 residents have embraced the values this doughboy represents: dedication and community service.

It is the people who make Doylestown unique. When funds were needed to build a new town library, these folks overshot the goal by $10,000 in 1976. They are the parents whose children earned the third highest state proficiency test scores of the 65 schools in our five-county area in 1995. These same students organize an annual food drive to feed the hungry at Thanksgiving and Christmas—in 1997 they collected more than 15,000 food items in a single day.

The strong sense of community here is no accident, nor is it the sum of all the individual efforts. It’s an organized campaign by the civic clubs in our area, influenced by the faith element that beats strongly in our residents’ lives.


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