Belpre is a successful community that takes pride in solid relationships with local businesses of all sizes. Over the years, business development has helped the Belpre area become one of the “fastest growing small towns” in Ohio. Located in the heart of the Mid-Ohio Valley, Belpre is situated on the banks of the Ohio River. There is a close knit community atmosphere in this population of approximately 7,000 but there is also a secondary retail market of over 100,000 just minutes away.

The Belpre area has grown steadily in large industrial companies and manufacturing plants such as Kraton Polymers, manufacturers of thermoplastic rubber products and Nova Chemical Corporation, the largest producer of polystyrene in North America. DuPont, and G.E. Plastics, Degussa Corporation and Chevron Chemical are also recognizable contributors to our local economy.

Many smaller businesses create jobs that support our community. Freight and transportation companies, food services, auto sales, personal care services, insurance agencies, craftsmen and vendors of every caliber add their talents and experience to keep our local economy looking good for years to come. Belpre is extremely proud of the growth and availability of medical services and physicians that have located in our area. Hospital improvements and good relationships with medical personnel keep our local population well and thriving.

Tourism and travel also comprise an intrinsic part of the Belpre area economy. Our beautiful parks and waterways are enjoyed by local folks and the many visitors we receive.

A few key selling points which make Belpre an ideal growth location for business:

Location: Within 500 miles of over
50% of U.S. population or 50% of the nation’s marketplace, and 60% of the country’s manufacturing labor force.

Transportation: Improved access via interstate highways as the Corridor D connection project nears completion; air, rail, and Ohio River waterway are all available.

Abundant Natural Resources: Energy sources are economical and our industrial community is safety-conscious and environmentally responsible.

Do you have a business? Are you looking to relocate? Are you starting a new business? Belpre, Ohio is the place for you!



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