graphicDarke County is one of the top agricultural counties in Ohio. Major farm products are soybeans, corn, hogs, poultry, livestock, wheat, dairy products, and beef cattle. The county’s 358,000 acres of farmland are divided into nearly 2,000 farms. The average farm is 167 acres.

Industries located in Darke County share the advantages of being within 500 miles of almost half the nation’s population and having convenient transportation connections to all prominent Midwestern cities. Close proximity to Dayton International Airport brings Darke County into the mainstream of all the nation’s business.

A 1998 Industrial Retention and Expansion Survey disclosed that 96% of the businesses ranked Darke County as a good or excellent place in which to do business.

Greenville Industrial Park is located on State Route 571 at Jaysville-St. Johns Road. Current occupants of the 200+ acre complex include Greenville Technology Inc., Cadillac-Gage, Service Beauty Supply, and TXI Communications.

Honeywell/Allied Signal is located in Greenville. The local plant produces gasoline, oil and air filters. The plant includes 14 acres under roof and an annual volume of 60 million finished good units.

graphicBASF’s Greenville facility is part of the coating and colorants division of BASF. Since 1974, the plant has been the main supplier of resins for the division. BASF is one of the world’s largest, most highly requested manufacturers of a wide diversity of products. Coatings, manufactured from Greenville-produced resins, include finishes and top coats for automotive use, varnishes for food containers, and interior and exterior protective finishes for beverage cans.

Corning’s Greenville plant produces high temperature, low expansion glass for use in automotive headlamps, energy efficient home and industrial lighting.

Greenville Technology Inc. is located in Greenville Industrial Park. They manufacture automotive wheel covers, side trim, cowl tops, timing belt covers, speaker brackets and covers, interior consoles, and a variety of dashboard compartments for Honda, General Motors and other auto companies.

JAFE Decorating in Greenville provides a unique item for the gift market: colored and decorated glass items. The process used infuses the color into the glass.

Master Industries is a developer, manufacturer and assembler of technically demanding, custom molded thermo-plastic components. Its manufacturing facility is in Ansonia.

graphicMidmark Corporation in Versailles is the largest producer of medical examination room tables in the world. Midmark’s products can be found in physicians’ offices, hospitals, HMOs and outpatient centers throughout the world.

Van Leer Containers manufactures steel containers for chemical, food, paint, adhesive and other industrial uses in sizes ranging from 2 gallon pails to 85 gallon drums.

Whirlpool Corporation, the KitchenAid division, has been in Darke County for over 50 years. The Greenville KitchenAid operation is Whirlpool’s principal small appliance center. The plant, built in 1995, manufactures KitchenAid mixers and instant hot water systems. Opening in Summer 2001 in downtown Greenville will be The Whirlpool Experience retail facility.

Witt Plastics produces custom-extruded, thin-gauge, plastic sheet that is used in the food and non-food packaging, medical and silk-screening industries.

Total Ag Receipts (2nd in Ohio) $232,256,000
Crop Receipts 74,919,000
Livestock Receipts 157,337,000
Soybeans (2nd) 34,595,000
Corn (1st) 9,759,000
Dairy Products (7th) 29,970,000
Poultry & Other Livestock (2nd) 99,747,000
Hogs (2nd)


Cattle & Calves (7th)


Wheat (10th)


Oats & Hay (19th)


Other Crops (44th)




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