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History & Heritage


From the time the Indians tapped into the vast salt reserves, through the iron furnace era to the 21st century, the county’s history has been rich and ever-changing.

At the time the salt reserves began to dwindle, Ohio was becoming a state and the county was beginning to take form.

The county was established on January 12, 1816 with parcels taken from neighboring Ross, Athens, Scioto and Gallia counties.

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The town of Jackson was laid out in 1817 and named for General Andrew Jackson, just then the hero of New Orleans. The only village in the new county was Poplar Row, the city of Jackson’s first name. Because it was centrally located, it became the county seat and was incorporated in 1847 with George M. Adams as the first mayor.

About this time, the iron ore industry became prominent in the county, beginning with the establishment of the first furnace in the county, Jackson Furnace, in 1836. The restored Buckeye Furnace in northern Jackson County is a major tourist attraction.

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