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Jackson County is located in the central portion of southern Ohio.

The city of Jackson, the county seat, is located 75 miles south of the state capital of Columbus, 100 miles east of Cincinnati and just over 30 miles northwest of the Ohio River at Gallipolis.

The two major highways traveling through Jackson County are U.S. 35 and State Route 32.

U.S. 35 is a major northwest/ southeast corridor that is heavily utilized by the trucking industry, and became completely four-lane from Dayton to Gallipolis in 2004.

State Route 32 is part of the multi-state Appalachian Highway system and is four-lane from Cincinnati in the southwestern corner of the state to Marietta in the southeastern corner of the state, with a new direct connection to Interstate 77 expected in 2008.

Jackson County is also within two hours of seven major interstate highways. Interstates 71, 74 and 75 to the west, plus 77 and 79, both to the east, are all north-south routes while Interstate 64 to the south and 70 to the north are primary east-west corridors in the midwestern United States.

Jackson County is within 500 miles of two-thirds of the population of the United States.

Jackson County has an airport, the James A. Rhodes Airport, located five miles south of Jackson. The city of Jackson also owns the rail line used by some of the county’s major industries.

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