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Jackson County offers some of the finest state-of-the-art healthcare in all of southeastern Ohio.

Jackson County entered the 21st century by celebrating the establishment of its three largest healthcare facilities, the Holzer Medical Center of Jackson, the Holzer Clinic of Jackson and Adena Health Systems of Jackson.

The Holzer Medical Center of Jackson opened in January of 2001. The full-service medical facility, with a 24-hour emergency room, offers a 36-bed facility with a number of physicians available to treat patients at its site just off State Route 32 at the south edge of Jackson.

The Holzer Clinic of Jackson, which opened its new facility in June, 2000, is a state-of-the-art healthcare clinic open 12 hours a day on a regular basis, with an urgent care facility and more than 60 physicians available, specializing in many areas of healthcare.


The Adena Health Center of Jackson opened in November, 2003 and also offers patients the opportunity to see many specialists in various fields of medicine.

The cost of the three new facilities combined totaled approximately $56 million. Jackson County has five long-term care centers in Edgewood Manor of Wellston, Four Winds Nursing Facility, Heartland of Jackson, Jenkins Nursing Home and the Davis Home in Oak Hill. Holzer Assisted Living of Jackson also provides an assisted living center.


Jackson County is part of the multi-county Southeastern Ohio Emergency Medical Service ambulance fleet, and a medical helicopter is based in Wellston to assist at emergency scenes or transport patients to hospitals in metropolitan areas.

State-of-the-art healthcare resides in Jackson County.

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