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The easiest and best way to find out everything you want to know about Jackson County, Ohio is to access the county’s most comprehensive website,

This complete website is sponsored by the Jackson Area Chamber Of Commerce and contains a wealth of information concerning all aspects of life in Jackson County including the past, present and future.

There are seven major components to the website, dealing with such subjects as demographics, tourism, quality of life, education, industrial base, history and the Jackson Area Chamber of Commerce.

Here is a brief rundown of the various sections.

TODAY– A GREAT PLACE TO LIVE, WORK AND PLAY – This is a section that will contain almost all of the demographic information any person or business would want to know about Jackson County.

TOMORROW – OUR ECONOMIC PATHWAY TO SUCCESS – This is a link to the Jackson County Economic Development office.

YESTERDAY – A BRIEF LOOK AT OUR HISTORY – This is a section containing 21 historical stories concerning Jackson County, its businesses, its personalities and other highlights of its first 200 years.

COME AND VISIT JACKSON – The Chamber promotes the tourism interests of its members through this section of the website.

COME AND LIVE IN JACKSON – This section promotes the quality of life in Jackson with information about schools, recreation, civic clubs, employment opportunities, available housing and the business community.

COME AND GROW WITH JACKSON – This is devoted to the prospective employers of Jackson County with the information needed to fully explain what Jackson County has to offer.

EXPANDING WITH THE JACKSON AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE – This section deals with information concerning our chamber of commerce, such as members, a listing by service and product, chamber benefits and activities, etc.

The site is a very thorough and user-friendly presentation of all of the good things Jackson County has to offer.

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