Lawrence County (South Point), OH Chamber of Commerce

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Terrific location and a strong, dedicated workforce define Lawrence County and the people who live and work here. Many employers value the support and commitment from both the local and extended community.

Lawrence County (South Point), OH Chamber of Commerce

Leading employers such as Dow Chemical (Styrofoam, Ethanfoam); Duke Energy (one of the world’s top energy corporations); Liebert Corporation (industrial air conditioning); McGinnis Inc. (harbor services, boat repair); McSweeney’s, Inc. (drill steel augers, snow plow blades); Muth Lumber (international supplier of fine wood); McBolt & Plate (mine roof plates); Phoenix Hydraulics (hydraulic manifold assemblies); Sunoco Chemical (Bisphenol, Phenol Acetone, Aniline); and Superior Marine Ways, Inc. (harbor services, barge repair) have been drawn to the area and are happy to be part of the community.

Currently, many of the people in the county are employed in government, meaning that many are employed as teachers or in other positions in the public schools. Other leading industries include both wholesale and retail trade, manufacturing, as well as community, business, and personal services.

Finance, insurance and real estate, as well as transportation, communications, and public utilities are important to the economic structure of Lawrence County. Other important industries include construction, agriculture and mining.

Meanwhile, the economy continues to grow stronger under the leadership of the Lawrence Economic Development Corporation that is charged with job creation. Recently, new jobs have been created at the new Engines Incorporated of Ohio in the Point Industrial Park. Several new opportunities also await Lawrence County with the development of the Rumpke plant in Hanging Rock, and the development of the Ironton Industrial Park.

The majority of the workforce has specialized skills in key areas of production and technology. In addition to being highly skilled, the workforce has also proven itself to be very reliable and business-friendly.


Lawrence County (South Point), OH Chamber of Commerce

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