Lawrence County (South Point), OH Chamber of Commerce

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Just like the other 88 counties in Ohio (except for Summit County), an elected three-member board of commissioners governs Lawrence County. By law, counties may have home rule.

Lawrence County (South Point), OH Chamber of Commerce

Cities with at least 5,000 people are incorporated communities. Villages have populations of less than 5,000. Ohio has no towns.

The highest county trial court is the court of common pleas. This court has judges who are elected for six-year terms. Other courts include juvenile, municipal and probate. Of course, the highest court would be the Ohio Supreme Court.

The Chesapeake, Coal Grove, Ironton, Proctorville, Hanging Rock, Athalia and South Point Police Departments are all municipal police agencies. Ironton is home to the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department and the Lawrence County Coroner’s Office.

The city, village and township governments provide numerous fire departments as well as other services. The city of Ironton is led by a mayor and provides a range of services that include a building department, health department, engineer department, finance director, an income tax division, public services, recreation and parks, street department, garbage department, sewage treatment plant, water distribution, water filtration plant, water works and municipal court.

The county offers a variety of necessary services and is home to the common pleas court, juvenile court and probate court.

Families feel safe and secure here. County residents feel a small-town sense of belonging while they enjoy a high standard of living.


Lawrence County (South Point), OH Chamber of Commerce

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