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Welcome from the President

The Lima/Allen County community is a community on the rise. The Chamber positions itself as “Leading Business – Leading Communities.” In our effort to lead business and communities, we are working with several partners on four key areas: small business development, workforce development, community development and young professional development.

Small business development

Small businesses are the economic engines for the sustainability of a vibrant community. In that effort, the Chamber has focused on the development of small business through the promotion of local business, developing mentoring programs to assist small, new, or struggling businesses, providing needed services, trainings, tools and programs to assist them in growing and being successful. The Walter C. Potts Entrepreneur Center and the Minority Business Assistance Program(MBAC) have formed a collaboration to assist more minority and women owned businesses with the tools and resources to be successful.

Workforce development

Our Chamber has built upon the strategic partnership with the Allen Economic Development Group and business partners to advance the “Link Lima Allen County Workforce Development Framework” to promote a workforce credentialed community, careers in manufacturing and skilled trades, mining our talent for future workers, and securing higher paying jobs for our region.

Community development

Collaborating with the Chamber’s top investors, government entities, Allen Economic Development Group, Lima-Allen County Convention and Visitors Bureau and Downtown Lima; are working together to develop a common ground to determine how to move the Lima/Allen County community forward in community development through: marketing the assets of the Lima/Allen County community, providing opportunities to encourage people to move to the community, focusing on housing needs, assisting in Downtown Lima development, working on collaborative efforts to expand the community’s infrastructure and toward a community vision.

Young professional development

Our mission is to enhance the community by attracting and retaining young professional talent to the greater Lima/Allen County area. Young professional leaders have been engaged to work with mentors through the Executive Young Professional Program to develop other young professionals as leaders. The Executive Young Professionals are developing more effective means of marketing and recruiting of future young professionals and continue to develop programs and events to meet the young professionals’ needs. A new program, the Young Entrepreneurs Academy –YEA has been developed to help young people embrace their passion, live their dream and change the world by learning how to start and run their own business.

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