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Manufacturing and Industry

The Ohio Energy & Advanced Manufacturing Center (OEAMC) is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit corporation dedicated to assisting manufacturing companies in becoming more competitive in the emerging advanced manufacturing business arena. The OEAMC is a true public-private partnership with a board of directors that represents private industry, higher education and local government as recommended in the United States National Strategic Plan for Advanced Manufacturing.

In 2005, Lima Mayor David J. Berger convened a group of business leaders to discuss developing the City of Lima into a prime location for applied research and development, thus making R&D an essential part of the community’s economic development strategy. The mayor felt our strategic location within 300 miles of 12 major research universities gave us a competitive advantage. The mayor and his committee named the new R&D organization the Ohio Energy and Advanced Manufacturing Center, Inc. (OEAMC). Since 2005, the OEAMC has grown from a dedicated committee of volunteers led by Mayor Berger, into a highly respected organization with full-time staff collaborating with a variety of for-profit manufacturing companies, both large and small, National Labs and other R&D Centers.

— Judith Cowan


Located within the Ohio Energy and Advanced Manufacturing Center is one of the largest high velocity metal forming (HVMF) laboratories in the United States. high velocity metal forming is a cold forming process that can be used to form many materials, most commonly metals. The workpiece is reshaped via high intensity pulsed magnetic fields that induce a current in the workpiece and a corresponding repulsive magnetic field, rapidly repelling (accelerating) the workpiece to speeds of 100-300 meters per second. The workpiece is accelerated at this ultra-high speed into a single sided form and completely conforms to it. Electromagnetic forming has a number of advantages compared to conventional mechanical forming techniques.

Miscellaneous fun facts

• The Husky Lima Refinery is the oldest continuous operating refinery in the United States and produces approximately 25 percent of all gasoline consumed in Ohio.

• The Lima P&G plant is the largest liquid detergent bottling plant in the world.

• The General Dynamics Joint Systems Manufacturing Center (JSMC) in Lima is the only U.S. Army main battle tank production facility in the United States.

• The funeral hearse that carried President Ronald Reagan to his grave was made in Lima, Ohio.

• Lima was known across the county for building the Berkshire locomotive, and one of these fine monsters is in the Smithsonian Institute.

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