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Shopping and Dining

There’s no shortage of eclectic local restaurants in the region with a variety of cuisine to choose from. From wine bars and small plates to award-winning Mediterranean fare and everything in between. If you’re looking for a little retail therapy, we have a variety of options available throughout the community with stylish boutiques and incredible décor and so much more. Downtown Lima continues to grow and thrive with many businesses having celebrated anniversaries of 10 years or more and we look forward to the continued opening of new businesses in the city’s center. Downtown Lima invites you to “Work. Shop. Dine and Play!”

Award Recipient
2017 Small Business of the Year
Real Living CCR Realtors

The Need A strong community needs a strong labor pool. In order to attract qualified people to fill the job requirements there has to be professional Realtors that can showcase the housing market to prospective job candidates showing them what a great place Lima and surrounding communities are to work and raise a family.

The Work Help people make decisions to stay in Lima and surrounding communities because of quality neighborhoods to raise families that help attract a strong labor pool, creating a better community for all.

The Crew Our office staff and Realtors are top notch. They are on top of their game and contribute to the community with their life and work experience. We are a team and work together to help our customers achieve the ultimate goal. Home Ownership.

The Reward Watching the excitement and enjoyment of our loyal customers buy and sell their first home or second or third home due to their ever changing needs while raising a family in the Lima community.

Award Recipient
2017 Woman Owned Business of the Year
The Dough Hook

The Need The Dough Hook is proud to serve the Bluffton area and its surrounding communities. We love bringing fresh meat, an Amish deli and delicious baked goods to our customers. Meat markets and specialty food shops are few and far between, especially ones that can bring its customers natural, healthy fresh products at competitive prices.

The Work When a customer walks into The Dough Hook, they will not see many cuts of meat in our meat counter. If they want a Ribeye they need to ask us for it. We cut all of our steaks, roasts, chops, etc. as the customer waits which brings them the freshest cut of meat. It also allows us to provide the cut in the way in which the customer wants it. For example, if they want a two inch steak, we can do that. If they want pork chops cut a little thicker than usual, we can do that too. Our baked goods are made fresh daily from scratch.

The Crew The Dough Hook has the best crew in town! Each of our associates are trained to always put the customer first. We also take the time to train our associates in how to answer specific questions the customer may have. For example, many times we get asked, “How big of a roast will I need to feed 10 people?” Our associates know how to honestly answer the customer based on what needs they have.

We are a family oriented company and pass that on to our employees. They know that their family comes first. We work together to make sure tasks are completed if someone is out because of a family emergency.

The Reward The reward in owning the Dough Hook is being able to provide smiles to our customers. Being in business for yourself is two-fold in that it is self-satisfying and knowing that you’re making someone happy. Those who shop at The Dough Hook know that they are getting a delicious, fresh and top-notch product...that’s the reward, making your best so you can offer the best!

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