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Senior Living

senior living

Seniors in the Massillon area have a wide array of healthcare options. Massillon area residents have access to Affinity Medical Center, which offers a sleep lab, wound healing center, rehabilitation, mammography and senior mental health. Aultman Health Foundation is nearby in Canton and offers immediate care services at Aultman West in Massillon. Mercy Medical Center’s Statcare is located in the Massillon area with the Medical Center also in Canton.

Independent living facilities and communities are an excellent first step for seniors who no longer can or want to live in their family home. In many cases, independent living is an easy and smart transition toward healthy senior living and is designed to keep seniors interactive, healthy and safe. Many independent living communities are more like resorts than old age homes with deluxe living centers, which include 5-star meals, designer decorated interiors, athletic complexes and an activities director and concierge service. All these wonderful amenities make independent living a stress-free option for many seniors.

Assisted Living is a service for people who need help with the activities of daily living (ADLs). Assisted living facilities span the gap between independent living and nursing homes and may be temporary or long-term housing. They are especially designed to help seniors with some of their day-to-day activities. This can include transportation, assistance with medications, preparing meals/eating, bathing, dressing, housekeeping and getting to the doctor's office. Assisted living facilities usually offer immediate access to emergency help. Most facilities include a pull cord or locket based alarm system that alerts the staff to a resident’s need. This safety alert system can minimize the damage from a fall, stroke or other health event.

Nursing Homes can be a temporary facility during a recovery period or they can serve as permanent residences for people who are too sick or frail to continue living at home. Most nursing homes provide 24-hour nursing care. Nursing homes fall in between assisted living and hospice care. Unlike Hospice, which deals with patients who have terminal health complications, most nursing homes are focused on maintaining or improving the health of the residents.

The Massillon area is home to many senior care centers, ranging from independent living communities to assisted living facilities to nursing homes as well as organizations and businesses that support the health, rehabilitation and educational needs of its residents.

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