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The City of Maumee is proud of its reputation as one of Ohio’s premier business locations. In its earliest days, Maumee was an important military and commercial outpost. Later the City continued to blossom by virtue of its strategic location on the Miami and Erie Canal and by being the original seat of government for Lucas County. Today Maumee enjoys a diversified economy and is home to companies involved in automobile manufacturing, agribusiness, healthcare, financial services, and land development among others.

The City’s convenient centralized location continues to be a major catalyst in our commercial development. Maumee is bordered by the Ohio Turnpike and Interstate 475, thereby providing access to highways in all directions.

One of North America’s largest air cargo hubs, Toledo Express Airport, is a mere 10 miles to our west and rail transportation is in downtown Toledo. The Port of Toledo, a major Great Lakes port, is just minutes away in Toledo

The two significant business locations in the City include the “uptown” commercial district and the much-heralded Arrowhead Business Park. Uptown Maumee, as it is known, consists of a number of historically significant commercial and residential properties that are ideally suited to accommodate the needs of smallbusiness. Across town, Arrowhead

Park is a carefully planned business community offering a modern, amenity-rich, working environment for a diverse range of tenant needs. Comprising nearly 800 acres, Arrowhead utilizes a number of public and private controls to maintain the park’s appeal and protect investors’ property values. Since its inception in 1977, Arrowhead Park has always ranked among the fastest growing corporate office and light industrial centers in Ohio.

A critical part of the success in growing the Maumee community involves our commitment to our existing and potential corporate citizens. The City’s Job Creation and Retention Tax Credit Program, CRA and Enterprise Zone Tax Incentives are among the many reasons to locate here. Moreover, Maumee’s policy of continuous improvement in its infrastructure and services provide an additional layer of support to our business and residential communities. By keeping our overall tax burden low and our quality of life high, it allows us to continue our historical leadership as a commercial center in a modern worldwide marketplace.

Though one may easily find a larger community in which to conduct business, it will certainly be difficult to find one that’s better. Maumee’s mix of historic charm, modern convenience, and small town friendliness is a combination that many investors have found resistible over the years. If you’re looking to start a business or perhaps establish a new location, do yourself a favor and find out more about what Maumee has to offer. You’ll be glad you did!

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