Welcome to the City of Stow

Welcome to the City of Stow, a vital, growing community of approximately 32,000 citizens. One of the many reasons Stow has developed into a popular suburb is because of its close proximity to two major northeast Ohio cities, Akron and Cleveland, and its convenient access to major highways.

graphicIn addition to its desirable location, Stow leads the area in the quality of our safety services, recreational facilities, residential offerings and industrial development opportunities. Local leaders are committed to providing an environment where citizens may safely raise their family and confidently locate their business or industry.

Stow boasts a progressive local government, led by a Mayor and seven-member City Council who work in partnership to foster positive growth and change. Community leaders have long recognized the benefits of proper balance between the development of our residential, commercial and industrial areas. Stow has experienced significant growth since its incorporation in 1960.

A well-defined comprehensive land use plan guides the effective utilization of land, considering this steady growth.graphic

The Stow Police Department is recognized as one of the best in the state, and the Stow Fire Department’s proactive approach to the saving of life and property provides unequaled protection with highly trained firefighter/paramedics. Both departments are dedicated to educating residents in crime prevention and safety for the good of the community.

Whatever your interest in our city, we welcome you to join us in appreciating our community assets. Please take this opportunity to get to know us and our City a little better.



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