Welcome to Munroe Falls

Munroe Falls is a quiet community nestled in the heart of the Akron, Canton, Cuyahoga Falls, and Kent area. While it is primarily a residential community, business and industry also thrive here.

Quality schools, parks, professional services, a healthy business environment, affordable upscale housing, and easy access to major thoroughfares - Munroe Falls has it, and much more.

Our schools are a particular source of pride. Munroe Falls shares a school district with Stow. The community and the schools have become partners in education through various programs.graphic

With a population of approximately 5,700, Munroe Falls enjoys the advantages of city status, but retains its small town atmosphere. The city is governed by a mayor and seven council members, who are elected for four-year terms.

Police, fire, EMS and city services are excellent. The police and fire departments also work closely with schools and citizen groups to offer educational and crime prevention programs.

The city’s roads and utility department provides outstanding services that are a model for other communities to emulate. The city is especially recognized for its snow removal in winter. "I can always tell when I’m in Munroe Falls - the roads are clear," is a popular observation.graphic

Community spirit is alive and well here. The citizens of Munroe Falls are one of the city’s greatest assets. Their support of city and community needs is just another reason Munroe Falls is a great place to call home.



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