graphicStreetsboro has a rich, colorful past spanning the centuries. Long before European settlers arrived, Seneca Indians used the Old Portage Trail to cross overland from Lake Erie to the Ohio River basin. As American expansion continued westward in the late 18th century, Titus Street traveled west from Connecticut, and established a township in northeast Ohio in 1798. His son, Augustus, founded the Yale School of Fine Arts, the first art school connected to a University in America.

In those early days, Streetsboro Township contained 15,279 acres divided into lots of 100 acres. The first settlers to follow Titus Street to

Streetsboro were Stephen Myers, Jr. and his wife, Rebecca. They moved to Streetsboro in 1822 and built a log cabin. In the fall of 1822, Myers and George Walker built a distillery.

In 1825, Titus Street built the town's first public square. Clarinda Case taught at the first schoolhouse in the township in the summer of 1826, and the first election was held on April 2, 1827. In 1827, a turnpike from Cleveland to Wellsville, now known as State Route 14, was completed. The first stagecoach passed through the township on the turnpike in 1829. Colonel John C. Singletary built the first frame house at Center Square in February 1828. A regular Baptist church was formed on January 2graphic4, 1833 at the home of Noah W. Cole. During its early development, the principle industry of Streetsboro was cheese manufacturing. By 1873, the city was one of the major cheese producers in the United States and cheese houses dotted the town. In 1885, five factories were in operation, producing over 600,000 pounds of cheese. Streetsboro was also a strong farming community until the 1970s.

In 1902, the first high school commencement was held in the Presbyterian Church. Streetsboro grew steadily during the first part of the twentieth century. Major growth occurred with the opening of the Ohio Turnpike on October 1, 1955. By 1957, Streetsboro experienced a population explosion due to the growth of the automobile industry. In 1968, voters decided to merge the township and the village into one city consisting of 25 square miles. Today, Streetsboro looks back on its past with pride, and forward to a future of continued success.


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