The educational curriculum in Streetsboro City Schools is among the best in the state. Streetsboro City School District is responsible for the education of students throughout the district.

graphicStreetsboro City School District provides educational experiences to 1,926 students K-12. Currently the district consists of four buildings: Wait Primary, Campus Intermediate, Middle School and Streetsboro High School.

The recent completion of our new Henry Defer Middle School building has reconfigured the school district. Wait Primary will now house K-1, Campus Elementary: 2-3, Henry Defer: 4-5-6, Streetsboro Middle School: 7-8 and Streetsboro High School: 9-12.

The district also provides a Surround Care Program, which serves students before and after school. The program piggybacks the morning and afternoon kindergarten programs.

After School Academies for grades 3 and 4 operate during the second semester, and there are Summer School programs for grades 1-6, which are offered each year.

Schools Grades/Student (approx.)
Streetsboro High 9-12 / 560
Streetsboro Middle 6-8 / 380
Campus Intermediate 3-5 / 437
Wait Elementary K-2 / 499

Student Services

Student Services are offered in all Streetsboro school buildings. A special education population identified under IDEA serves 275 students with an additional 27 students serviced with 504 Plans under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Approximately 9% of the student population in grades K-12 have been identified through the Gifted and Talented Identification Process, and 71% of those students are currently serviced through inclusion and pull-out programs.


Because the Streetsboro City Schools Team believes that all children develop at different rates, we offer a continuum of educational programming to meet the individual needs of all students.

graphicIn Kindergarten through grade 5, an elementary philosophy provides classroom design options for multi-age instruction, looping, self-contained instruction, and team teaching. Programs are offered at all levels for remediation and individualized instruction through inclusion. Guided Reading, Literature Circles, Four Blocks, and Writers and Readers Workshops provide reading and writing experiences that nurture developmentally appropriate student work.

In grades six, seven, and eight, a middle school philosophy addresses the needs of young students. Team teaching provides for instruction that is thematic based. Students' educational opportunities include elective experiences in foreign language, career development, family and life skills, and technology.

Streetsboro High School operates on a "Block" schedule. The course offerings include general, accelerated, and honors courses in the five content areas. Streetsboro graduates must earn 25 Carniege Units for graduation including four units in English, Math, Social, and Science. The students also have the opportunity for post option courses.

Character Education

In addition to academic excellence, Streetsboro City Schools is committed to character education development. P.A.C.E.S. (Promoting Assets through Character Education in Streetsboro) is a program that was designed by stakeholders from the school, home and community to promote and model the following character traits: respect, responsibility, self-control, compassion, cooperation, work ethic and honesty. P.A.C.E.S. has been integrated in the school, community and home for the past three years. This program has been instrumental in the district receiving $100,000 in Character Education Grants.

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