The success of business over the past decade has enabled Streetsboro to develop as one of the fastest growing communities in Portage County. The region is an industrial and technological center with a population of 4 1/2-million and a highly skilled work force of more than 2 million. Businesses within the city thrive on the support of local leaders and the Chamber of Commerce. Companies here have advantageous locations, convenient access to major highways, and the backing of some of the largest developers.graphic

Northeast Ohio is one of the most diversified markets in America. Businesses in the region represent 73% of the Standard Industrial Codes used in classifying U.S. businesses. Two hundred international companies representing 16 countries and 19 Fortune 500 firms are headquartered around the Streetsboro area. Technology and innovation abound. Edison Polymer Innovation Center (EPIC) combines the resources of the University of Akron and Case Western Reserve University. These two institutions comprise one of the most impressive concentrations of polymer research and advanced training resources in the world. Over 1,200 polymer related firms operate in the area.

graphicALCOM (Advanced Liquid Crystalline Optical Materials and Technology Center) is another university research consortium that leads the nation in its field. It includes Kent State University, Case Western Reserve University and the University of Akron. Liquid crystal displays used in hand-held instruments, laptop computers and telecommunications are the fruits of pioneering research into advanced optical materials at the Liquid Crystal Institute located on the campus of Kent State University in nearby Kent.

In Streetsboro, businesses discover that tax rates, labor costs, rent, the price of land, and building construction costs are very competitive.

Streetsboro Employment by Classification
Exec./Mgt. 10%
Professional 9%
Technical 2%
Sales 10%
Administrative 16%
Service 11%
Farming 1%
Craft 15%
Machine Operator 14%
Transportation 5%
Laborer 5%
Streetsboro's Top Employers:
Step2 Company
Arrow Distributing Company
Cardinal Packaging
Commercial Turf Products


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