Small business, as well as large industry, is encouraged throughout Tuscarawas County. Industrial expansion and relocation are supported by the Tuscarawas County Community Improvement Corporation, which coordinates sites and buildings and provides access to incentives which stimulate our local growth. The Tuscarawas County Chamber of Commerce works closely with the CIC to promote community development.

Tourism is a contributing industry, drawing visitors who wander over the scenic routes that have been designated as the cradle for Ohio history. Country inns, cheese houses, flea markets, and the tourist attractions employ many workers.

In addition to lodging and dining establishments near I-77, Amish family-style restaurants are located throughout the county serving quality homestyle cooking to charm our residents and visitors, and add to the area's employment base. Tuscarawas County has more than 150 manufacturing and industrial service firms, including several international operations. The wide array of businesses produces everything from forklift trucks, nuclear protective clothing, and disposable medical and surgical devices to potato chips and wine. The area is strategically located for cost-effective access to raw materials and the distribution of products to the populous areas of the Midwest, the Northeast, and Mid-Atlantic markets. Tuscarawas County has a diverse industrial base.

graphicThe Timken Company has a plant in New Philadelphia that produces high precision product lines for the machine tool, aerospace, and printing industries. Smurfitt-Stone makes paper and polyethylene bags at its New Philadelphia plant. Marlite's plant in Dover has set new standards worldwide for durable and attractive commercial wall products and is proud to say that it evolved from a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a lumber yard in Tuscarawas County Ohio. The Gradall Company is one of the county's major industries. Their product line includes hydraulic excavators used throughout the world for highway work, mining, hazardous waste clean up and railroad maintenance.

Lauren International in the Knisely Industrial Park gained its worldwide reputation with custom and standard profile extruded closed-cell sponges and dense rubber gaskets, and weather stripping. New product lines are being developed with Edgetech, now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lauren. Dover Chemical is a leading producer of chlorinated paraffins and liquid organo-phosphates and is proud to be able to use suppliers for a large part of their raw material needs. Endres Floral Company of New Philadelphia, a cultivator of roses, is a unique enterprise that adds to the diverse employment of the county. Goshen Dairy Company produces the finest quality ice cream, milk, butter, and by-products out of their dairy in New Philadelphia and operates a total of eight stores, six of which are in Tuscarawas County.

graphicOther companies with local operations are Zedmark of Minteq International which produces hi-oxide, refractory clay and fire brick in Dover, and the Cryogenic Division of Amko Service Company which repairs cryogenic tanks, trucks, and trail- rail cars. A recent startup is Janesville Products, a major tier three automotive supplier. The growth and expansion of small and mid-size businesses continue to contribute jobs to the communities of Tuscarawas County. Allied Machine, which produces spade drills and holders, has grown significantly recently.

Diverse businesses such as Tusco Display, a point-of-purchase display merchandiser for national accounts; Groovfold, a producer of speakers and other cabinets; Herco, producer of carbide and diamond-tipped cutting tools; and Miller Studio, a producer of decorative wall and magic mounts are just a few of the companies who employ locally and contribute to a growing small business sector. Whether it is a small business or large industry, service- related companies, retail establishments, or tourism- connected businesses, they are supported by a workforce that has an excellent work ethic. Many business owners would characterize Tuscarawas County as a place where people live a life of traditional values but, at the same time, are not afraid of growth and progress.


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