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Welcome to Worthington

Worthington is in the heart of one of the Midwest’s fastest-growing areas. Known for its historic charm and sense of community, our community is next-door neighbors with The Ohio State University, internationally acclaimed health care facilities and world-class research centers.

Worthington is proud of its award-winning schools and libraries; safe neighborhoods; varied commercial districts; diverse arts; homes of every style, size and price; and, most importantly, friendly residents who share a love of community, family and friends.

In 1803, a group of families from the Farmington River Valley of Connecticut and Massachusetts, led by James Kilbourne, platted a New England village of 164 lots around a central public square which today hosts concerts and arts festivals. The settlers’ respect and priority for strong schools, libraries, churches and the quality of community life also live on today as Worthington traditions.

Worthington reflects its New England heritage with historic brick sidewalks that lead to the Village Green, where many of Worthington’s original commercial buildings and churches still stand proudly. Today, as in ages past, people come to meet and greet on the Green and to stroll the streets of downtown Worthington.

Amidst this historic charm beats the heart of a thoroughly modern city, a planned community with a uniquely woven blend of new and nostalgic, of community and commerce, of unity and diversity, of convenience and comfort.

Worthington is a vibrant, diverse and affluent community. We boast a well-educated citizenry; 79 percent of the residents have an advanced education – 49 percent with a four-year degree or higher, and 30 percent with an associate’s degree or one to two years of college courses. About half of Worthington residents hold managerial or professional jobs with another 37 percent in technical, sales or administrative positions.

Our residents enjoy success in their endeavors; median household income is 51 percent higher than the national average and 54 percent higher than the state average. By age, most of us are 25-64 years old, and children make up 25 percent of our population.

But, statistics can’t measure our quality of life, the sense of community, the pride in our city and the satisfaction of our residents and business owners. These are among the most important assets enjoyed by those who call Worthington home.

The city’s exemplary programs include outstanding recreational opportunities. At the Worthington Community Center, our parklands and public areas, fitness is part of family fun.

Residents and tourists alike enjoy Worthington’s unique shopping options, including historic downtown Worthington and The Shops at Worthington Place, an upscale mall, as well as the Farmers Market on Saturday mornings. Visitors enjoy a broad spectrum of attractions, historic areas, hotels and conference centers, dining and shopping options and recreational/entertainment venues, including a variety of local festivals and annual events.

Here, where old-town charm is a backdrop to a major metropolitan area, residents enjoy easy access to major highways and public transportation sources — then return home to the safety and comfort of neighborhoods on well-maintained streets and public areas.

Businesses also choose to settle and grow in Worthington, appreciating its tradition of success and its opportunities for the future. More than 1,200 small, regional, national and international companies are located in our community. CEOs, business owners and site selectors appreciate Worthington’s strategic location, market access, availability of skilled workers and a business-supportive community and government.

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