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Location and Transportation

Location and Transportation

Worthington’s strategic location is one of the prime reasons why it makes an ideal home for businesses. Located in the heart of Ohio, Worthington affords easy access to more than half of the U.S. population and half of Canada’s consumers.

As part of the greater Columbus metropolitan area, Worthington is located in one of the Midwest’s fastest-growing major metro areas, with more than 1.7 million residents. It lies just north of downtown Columbus and is nearly six square miles in size.

Worthington is centrally located at the transportation crossroads of Ohio, connecting businesses to cities throughout Ohio and surrounding states. Nearly 100,000 cars travel through Worthington each day. There are 81 million consumers within 400 miles of Worthington, and 172 million consumers are within 800 miles.

Worthington’s outstanding transportation connections include immediate access to three controlled-access freeways (I-71, I-270, SR-315); ready access to an international airport, cargo-dedicated airport and general aviation facilities; and rail service from two national carriers and one regional rail carrier. The Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) maintains four public transportation bus routes, including three express options and one local route.

Connect by air. Worthington is served by three airports: i Port Columbus International Airport, located just 15 minutes away, serves the Columbus region with dozens of major airlines, providing more than 150 daily arrivals and departures to nonstop destinations throughout North America and more than 110 international connections.

• Rickenbacker International Airport, located approximately 30 miles from Worthington, is one of the world’s few cargo-dedicated airports and one of North America’s busiest cargo airports. The airport is a part of the Rickenbacker Inland Port, a global multimodal logistics hub that operates a foreign trade zone.

• Located within five miles of Worthington, The Ohio State University Airport at Don Scott Field is one of the country’s leading charter services and general aviation facilities, providing aircraft services to many central Ohio pilots and businesses. It serves as a general aviation reliever for Port Columbus International Airport and consistently ranks in the top five airports in Ohio for the number of take-offs and landings.

Connect by rail. Rail service connects Worthington businesses to sources of raw materials and outlets to customers nationwide.

• The Columbus region is served by two national mainline rail carriers, CSX and Norfolk Southern, and one regional carrier, Ohio Central.

• Four intermodal yards are located in the region. The Rickenbacker Inland Port, located approximately 30 miles from Worthington, is served directly from the Port of Virginia (Norfolk International Terminals) via the new Heartland Corridor, which allows double-stacked freight trains to travel directly from Virginia to Rickenbacker.

Connect via major highways. Worthington’s presence at the crossroads of prime interstate and controlled access freeways connects it regionally and nationally.

• Worthington’s outstanding transportation network contains major interchanges for north-south I-71, the I-270 outerbelt, and controlled access freeway SR-315, which provide a variety of options for quickly traveling in and out of the city.

• The region is located at the crossroads of I-70 and I-71, within a one-day drive of 51 percent of the U.S. population.

Connect through a faster, safer highway interchange, coming soon. The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) has begun a $91.5 million reconstruction project on Worthington’s major highway interchange. Worthington residents and business owners can track progress at The “North Side Fix” project, with a construction phase lasting from July 2013 through October 2015, will result in safer and more efficient highway transportation with these outcomes:

• Eliminate weave areas on US-23 and on I-270 at the US-23 loop ramps.

• Construct two northbound express lanes on US-23 which carry traffic away from I-270, while avoiding signalized intersections at Campus View Boulevard and Flint Road.

• Construct an additional lane in each direction on US-23 from Flint Road to Lazelle Road.

• Provide for pedestrian traffic from Wilson Bridge Road to Lazelle Road.

• Coordinate signals, camera and dynamic message signs with ODOT and City of Columbus traffic systems.

Connect the “green” way. For exercise, enjoyment and a way to protect the planet while making a quick trip across town, many Worthington residents enjoy biking. Groups of artistic red and purple bike racks were installed in May 2012 to encourage biking to downtown Worthington businesses. The racks resemble bicycle wheels, to which bicycles can be hooked. A steel support across the top of the rack resembles bicycle handlebars. The bike racks were the brainchild of Sustainable Worthington, a grass roots organization that promotes environmental programs and provides a map of bike rack locations at

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