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Residential Living

Worthington is a great place to call “home,” no matter what your taste and budget. Within Worthington’s borders, you’ll find a broad spectrum of architectural styles, amenities and budgets. From historic homes to trendy condos, cozy apartments and 50+ communities, you’ll find that Worthington’s housing is diverse – from large to small, from ranch to multi-floor, from historic to new.

Several Worthington neighborhoods are chronicles of its history. Old Worthington is seasoned with colonial charm, retaining in its restored homes many characteristics of the 19th-century village that was platted in New England. Cozy bungalows and Cape Cods in Colonial Hills tell a story of World War II defense housing and family life in a post-war baby boom.

The unique architecture of Rush Creek features Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired “Ursonian” designs, many built into a ravine or hillside, with flat roofs, wide eaves, terraces, carports and built-in furniture. Neighborhoods like Worthington Estates and Wilson Hills, with flower-edged cul-de-sacs, neatly manicured lawns and neighborhood schools, are snapshots of Sixties’ and Seventies’ suburban living. Upscale apartment housing for future residents is just taking shape on W. Wilson Bridge Road near The Shops at Worthington Place.


The Worthington Historical Society commemorated the diversity of the community’s neighborhoods with the publication of Worthington Neighborhoods in 2006. The volume includes narrative histories and plat maps of 23 neighborhoods and an index of 92 neighborhoods. with their date of formation, location and plat book reference in the county recorder’s office.

A common factor in all Worthington neighborhoods is a sense of community that stands out as one of Worthington’s most valuable assets. At the suggestion of a city councilman, Worthington began hosting “Hi Neighbor” month to encourage neighbors to meet and greet one another through block parties, neighborhood picnics and casual gatherings, furthering strong neighborhoods and promoting friendships.

City of Worthington

The City of Worthington and the Worthington Community Relations Commission also encourage residents to keep their neighborhoods attractive, safe and cohesive. A Neighborhood Grant program provides financial incentives and creates opportunities for neighbors to work together, form neighborhood organizations, make improvements in their neighborhoods and/or develop programs that promote neighborhood cohesiveness. Annual grants are awarded for projects that demonstrate a public benefit and promote neighborhood identity; aid in the development of a neighborhood organization; increase neighborhood safety; implement neighborhood beautification efforts; or build a sense of community in neighborhoods.

Worthington’s business community includes many respected Realtors, remodeling contractors, architects, mortgage lenders, title companies, and others who can assist you if you are considering a move to or within Worthington. The Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce can refer you through our online business directory, the listings in this community guide, or by calling (614) 888-3040.

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