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Economic Profile

Medford is located

At 1,382 feet above sea level, Medford is located between the Coastal Cascade and Siskiyou Mountains, allowing the area to be favored with a mild climate. Latitude 42 22’N/Longitude 122 52’W. Annual average rainfall is 18-20 inches, approximately two inches more than Los Angeles. The seasons are clearly defined, temperatures are generally mild overall and annual snowfall is three to four inches on the valley floor. The median winter temperature is 44 degrees. Summers are warm with a median temperature of 86 degrees. There are usually several days over 100 degrees. Humidity is low.

Economic Profile

Medford and the Rogue Valley is home to a wide variety of large and small manufacturing plants. Leading class groups of products include lumber and wood products, wine production, recreational products, fruit packing, grain crops, construction products, artisan food products, sophisticated bearings and cylinders.


Population Jackson County:
2013 — 209,475
2012 — 206,512
2011 — 204,822
2010 — 203,340
2009 — 207,010
2008 — 205,305
2007 — 202,310

Population City of Medford:
2013 — 76,295
2012 — 76,649
2011 — 75,501
2010 — 74,980
2009 — 77,246
2008— 76,850
2007— 75,675



Home Sales June 2013 (3-Bed/2-Bath)
Jackson Co. — $201,250
East Medford — $207,45
West Medford — $113,450
Ashland — $331,000
Central Point —$159,000

Data from: The Mail Tribune, and Southern Oregon Multiple Listing Service

2-Bedroom Apartment — $600 - $950
3-Bedroom House — $700 - $1,500

Source: Southern Oregon Rental Owners Association

The employees in the Rogue Valley have an excellent reputation for high productivity, low absenteeism and job stability. The supply of workers is adequate for any substantial industry, and there is a large, untapped reservoir of workers with light industrial experience.

OCCUPATIONS — 2012 Avg Salary
Retail Salespersons — $26,275
Registered Nurses — $79,953
Office Clerks, General — $29,894
Cashiers — $24,073
Nursing Aides, Orderlies & Attendants — $27,597
Combined Food Prep & Serving Workers — $24,242
Fire Fighters — $58,880
General & Operations Managers — $89,987
Truck Drivers, Heavy & Tractor Trailer — $37,082
Receptionist & Information Clerks — $25,025
Construction & Building Inspectors — $56,275
Supervisors & Managers (Retail Sales) — $37,597
Landscaping & Groundskeeping Workers — $25,983
Medical Secretaries — $32,218
Waiters & Waitresses — $22,961
Bookkeeping, Accounting & Audit Clerks — $33,396

2012 Median Household Income – Medford — $42,244
2012 Median Household Income – Jackson County — $43,664


Oregon property tax applies to privately owned real property such as land, homes, farms, stores, factories, warehouses and commercial offices. Property tax in Oregon is used entirely for the support of public schools, cities, counties and special districts. The assessed value of a specific property is allowed to rise by no more than 3 percent each year, irrespective of inflation or rises in the property’s real market value. Oregon’s state and local governments collected approximately $1292 per person in property taxes, which ranks 25th lowest nationally.

In November 1996, voters passed Measure 47, which was designed to reduce property taxes. However, the legality of the Measure was questioned, so it was rewritten by the legislature and presented to the voters in the May 1997 election as Measure 50. Measure 50 provides the following with regard to property taxes:

• Rolls back assessed property values to 90 percent of their 1995-96 level.

• A tax reduction statewide of approximately 17 percent on operational levies.

• Lowered assessed values will be capped and their growth restrained to no more than 3 percent per year.

Oregon law requires that all property be appraised at 100 percent of its Real Market Value (RMV). All new construction and remodeling must be appraised. Regarding new construction, assessed value under Measure 50 is a percentage of the property’s RMV to mimic the benefits of Measure 50 for all properties. Taxes may increase should there be new voter-approved taxes and the constitutional 3 percent growth of your assessed value each year. Property tax amounts may also be influenced by voter approved special assessments or special districts.


Oregon levies no general sales tax on consumers; the national median for sales tax is 6.6 percent. Oregon’s personal income tax system consists of four brackets and a top rate of 9.9 percent. That rate ranks third highest among states levying an individual income tax. Oregon’s income tax collections per person averaged $1312 in 2013, which ranked sixth highest nationally. Oregon’s corporate income tax system consists of two brackets and a top rate of 7.6 percent. That rate ranks 20th highest among states levying a corporate income tax.


For additional information:
Jackson County Assessor’s Office
Courthouse, Medford, OR 97501

Oregon Department of Revenu

Medford, OR 97501


Pacific Power — 888-221-7070

Natural Gas
Avista Utilities — 800-659-4427

Cable TV
Charter Communications — 866-731-5420

For information on new service — 800-603-6000 or 800-877-1125 To order area telephone books (Dex) — 877-433-9249

Internet Service Providers
Activate AT&T — 888-225-8307
CenturyLink — 855-855-2632
Charter Business — 530-227-2217
Hunter Communications — 541-772-9282
InfoStructure — 541-773-5000

Medford Water Commission — 541-774-2430

City of Medford, Medford Public Works Dept. — 541-774-2100

Rogue Valley Sewer Services — 541-779-4144

Rogue Disposal & Recycling — 541-779-4161
Southern Oregon Sanitation — 541-479-5335

Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles — 541-776-6025

Other Telecommunications Options
Activate AT&T — 541-608-6033
Adept Communications, Inc. — 541-664-4779
AT&T — 541-734-8507
Cal-Ore Communications — 541-887-8213
Charter Business — 541-324-8019
Core Digital Services — 541-772-9282
Custom Cellular — 541-779-1227
Day Wireless Systems — 541-772-5602
Diamond Wireless — 541-772-0389
Helix Inc. — 541-772-4692
Hunter Communications — 541-772-9282
InfoStructure — 541-773-5000
Phones Plus-A Verizon Premium
Wireless Retailer — 541-772-0939
Sis-Q Cellular LLC — 541-621-8722
Touch Point Networks — 541-842-1000
US Cellular-Delta Waters — 541-245-9122
US Cellular-Medford Center — 541-821-8722
Verizon — 541-245-0958

Truck: More than 30 interstate and intrastate carriers serve the area.

Rail: Central Oregon Pacific Railroad and Rogue Valley Terminal Railroad (freight only); Amtrak passenger rail via Klamath Falls, 75 miles east of Medford.

Bus: Greyhound Bus Lines, Rogue Valley Transit District provides inter and intra-city bus service.

Air: United Airlines, United Express operated by Skywest Airlines, Delta Connection operated by Skywest Airlines, Horizon Air, Allegiant Air and various charter firms for passengers °©and freight.

Jackson County is governed by an elected three-member Board of Commissioners, with a county administrator. Medford has a council-manager form of government, with an elected mayor and eight council members.

Police protection is provided by the Oregon State Police, Medford Police Department (MPD) and other city police departments, with unincorporated areas served by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department (JCSD). Emergency calls are handled through the 911 central dispatch system. Business numbers: MPD, 541-774-2200; JCSD, 541-774-6800; OSP, 541-276-2121.

Fire protection is provided by the Medford Fire Department (MFD) and several rural fire districts. Emergency calls are handled through the 911 central dispatch system. Business number for MFD is 541-774-2300. Fire classifications: City of Medford, Class 3; Rural (county) Class 48.

Nine public school districts serve Jackson County; Medford’s district is the largest with 13,177 students. There are also several private elementary and high schools. Southern Oregon University (SOU) is a four-year public university located 12 miles south of Medford in Ashland. SOU specializes in Liberal Arts, Science and select graduate and professional programs, and aims to provide a more challenging learning environment than ever before with the addition of a new Honors College. SOU offers 100 areas of study including 35 majors. Courses are offered in Medford and other county locations. The university has approximately 5,000 students. Jackson and Josephine counties are also served by Rogue Community College. RCC, with campuses in Grants Pass and Medford, offers vocational/technical instruction lower division courses for college transfer and personal enrichment classes. The Higher Education Center in downtown Medford, features a unique collaboration between RCC and SOU.

The Mail Tribune — 541-776-4411
The Ashland Daily Tidings — 541-482-3456

Over 100 churches; three Jewish synagogues; 20 commercial and four public radio stations; five commercial and one public television station; cable, cable access and premium TV service; countywide library system with 15 branches; one private, five 18-hole and five nine-hole public golf courses; 100 parks; four theaters providing 33 screens; one roller skating rink; one ice-skating rink; two bowling centers; a 421-acre motor sports park; a 132-acre all sports park; Jackson County Fairgrounds and Exposition Center; 12+ shopping centers offering over 335 stores; an abundance of outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, river rafting, snow and water skiing; and many cultural amenities and art shows.

Livability is one of the prime reasons the Rogue Valley is an ideal location for industry, business and the enjoyment of life. A mid-sized community, supported by long-range planning, set in a rural environment, provides spacious living and efficient commutes. The region is one of the fastest-growing areas of Oregon and has experienced steady and stable growth for several decades. As the hub of the Medford/Ashland Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), Medford is sufficiently urbanized to attract customers for recreation, retail, medical, and other services from a wide radius, making it a viable trade area.

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