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Medford was founded on a frigid December day in 1883. A depot on the Oregon-California Railroad, centrally located between San Francisco and Portland, the city was destined to be a hub for commerce. Today, diverse industries enhance our dynamic region—tourism, financial services, higher education, retirement, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, communication, electronic-related sales and assembly, leisure and hospitality.

diverse economy

A diverse economy, affordable living, creative small business programs, substantial personal income, lower property tax and no sales tax help make southern Oregon an ideal place for business. A growing relationship with many regions in China and building on our sister city relationship with Alba, Italy promises unique business opportunities as well. Once heavily dependent on natural, resource-based industries such as agriculture and wood products, the Rogue Valley has undergone substantial changes. Today, tourism, retirement and other service industries are increasing in importance. Our diversified economy includes foundational industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, construction, transportation and government which fortify our community.

retail hub

The region’s retail sector has grown as the valley maintains its position as the retail hub of southern Oregon and northern California. An increasing number of smaller businesses (100 or less employees) are relocating here for our competitive utility costs and workers’ compensation rates. The cost of purchasing land, when compared to rental and lease costs, is a primary reason why businesses choose to relocate to the Rogue Valley.

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