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Fine Craftsmanship


Saddle making

Pendleton has been home to some of the best saddle makers and leather carvers in the country for over 100 years. Cowboys and collectors still covet vintage and new saddles and gear made here in Pendleton. Some of their work has been displayed at the Smithsonian and visitors can watch the craftsmen at work in several locations around town including Hamley & Co.

Custom hats

Montana Peaks Hat Company handcrafts western hats using historic techniques and equipment over 100 years old. In fact, the owners make hats for period western movies, such as “Gunless” (a Canadian full-length feature), “Absarokaa” (a Wyoming short film), and “For Robbing The Dead” (an historic film being made in Utah). Visitors are welcomed into their storefront to watch the intriguing process and to order a one-of-a-kind hat made just for them.Award-winning Comestibles

Barhyte Specialty Foods – headquartered in Pendleton, Barhyte Specialty Foods thrives as a small family company doing what they do best: creating some of the most delicious mustards, marinades, wing sauces, and other gourmet condiments, and never settling for anything less than the best. They know they can trust mom “Saucy Mama” to use the finest, freshest ingredients and leave out all those additives and fillers with names you can’t pronounce. Locally sourced, natural ingredients are used as often as possible so that product tastes nothing less than the freshest and most flavorful it can be. The entire Saucy Mama and Food & Wine magazine product lines are manufactured using renewable energy.

Prodigal Son Brewery and Pub – Even new businesses are adding to the legend! The Prodigal Son Brewery and Pub, created and established by returning Pendletonians within the last year, has already begun winning awards for its handcrafted beers.

Hill Meat Company – For over 50 years as a pork processor, Hill Meat produces all kinds of fresh and smoked meats - including sausages, hams, salami, ribs, chops, bacon and every other cut you can think of. Their delicious products may be found in grocery stores and restaurants throughout the West from Boise to the Bay Area, Seattle to Los Angeles, Korea, Guam and Alaska.


The Pendleton Woolen Mills celebrated their centennial in 2009. With the original mill located in Pendleton and taking the company name from the town, the marketing materials developed for the centennial centered around the town, its history and brand of quality craftsmanship and rich cultural traditions. The owners, the Bishop Family, have collected and have been given many finely beaded articles through the years because they built and maintained relationships with the chiefs and peoples of the local tribes. As a lasting tribute to those relationships and the founding family, the Heritage Collection Museum was created to house those beautiful examples of the art of the Plateau Tribes at the original mill in Pendleton.

custom hats

The Arts

Pendleton is, and always has been, a culturally rich community. The avenues for the humanities are overflowing with a diverse collection of artwork, musical groups, performing arts troupes, extensive museums and historical sites. The biggest question is what to see first?

Pendleton Center for the Arts – the place to be to view, purchase or partake in the arts

Crow’s Shadow – an array of programming to emerging and established Native American artists and area youth

Oregon East Symphony & Chorale – “The best rural orchestra in North America”

College Community Theatre – local collaborations produce first-rate live theatre for the enjoyment of audiences from throughout the region

Viewing – watch for art in unexpected places, with galleries inside stores and attractions, and statues and murals throughout the community

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