It gives me great pleasure to join with the citizens of Butler County as you celebrate your 200th anniversary.

Our great Commonwealth has grown through strength and character of our communities. Throughout our proud history, groups of citizens have risen above their individual potential to create a better life for themselves and those around them. More than 300 years ago, William Penn sought to create a society in which the needs of the citizens would be met by the talents and resources found within the community. This strong belief in citizenship and community is what we, as a Commonwealth, embody in our very name.

Butler County stands as a proud example of community spirit, resilience, and resolve. Throughout an enduring history, this county has continued to provide a community of family, friendship, and support its inhabitants are proud to call home. After 200 years of success and challenge, it is appropriate for the citizens of Butler County to unite in celebration of a rich history, while anticipating an even greater future.

On behalf of all Pennsylvanians, I would like to offer my sincere wish for an exciting and ultimately successful Bicentennial celebration. May you continue to find happiness and good fortune in the years to come.

Tom Ridge

January 2000


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